When the translator translated Zhao Tianyou's words into Spanish, lieutenant general Calisto tur As if after finishing this sentence, slowly from the hands of these two little guys. "You're the guy who killed my son, aren't you?" Zhao Feng smile a, left eye a congealing Xie Zun, once the evil Lord, is Heifeng the big brother of this level? Although these people are the dazzling talents of the new generation of people who belong to the kin He stood on the balustrade of the balcony, reached the balcony upstairs with one leap, and then clim It's just that Lu Weimin didn't say how it turned out to be like this, and he wouldn't a "It's OK. If you want trouble, it's Jingjiu group's trouble. It's none of our busine Naturally, Merlin nodded his head in agreement. This is what master fradi clearly meant. When Merlin Can't feel the track of blood pupil, isn't it to say that blood pupil already has the same s When you play against the three leading actors, you are bound to rob them of their plays. Li Hao's guess is obviously correct. The voice of the youth was loud and startled everyone for a time. "They may be the pride of the universe." If murongyu's words frighten them to flee back to foreign countries, they will be laughed to dea What's more, this sea area is not safe. There are shark swarms frequently. Even if they don' Perhaps the great fortune that the elder Shi mentioned is exactly the way ye Yiming said to defeat h

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